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Below is the information on the four horse Kefier trailer. Feel free to call us for more information.

  • Genisis x 440 aluminum trailer 

  • Four horse with living quarters

  • Rear tack room with removable saddle rack

  • Manger 

  • Stud divider 

  • 19 foot awning

  • AM/ FM radio

  • Indoor/ outdoor speaker

  • Queen bed 

  • Full kitchen

  • Running water and lights 

  • Heater/ Air conditioning  

4 horse.jpg

Four Horse



Flatbed Trailer

Below is the information on the Kiefer flatbed trailer that we have in stock. Please feel free to call us for any information or to come and take a look at it 

  • 40 foot oak deck 

  • 8.5  feet wide 

  • 4 inch channel iron cross members 

  • automatic coupler 

  • 6 x 10 tork tube 

  • 12,000 pound tandem axles 

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