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Brake Assemblies 

To make sure that we are sending to with the correct brake or brake part please take a look at this page for the information that we will need. In the picture below we describe the parts of a brake assembly that you might need to replace. A few other things that you might want to measure is the diameter of the brake and the width of the shoe

Brake diagram.JPG

We have listed brake parts that correspond to the picture below to help us find you the correct part. Please take a look through the picture to see what part we can get for you.  

  1. Brake Magnet 

  2. Actuating Arm

  3. Shoe and Lining 

  4. Shoe Retainer 

  5. Shoe Return Spring

  6. Adjuster Spring Kit

  7. Adjuster Spring Kit

  8. Adjuster Dust Plug

  9. Magnet Clip

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