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Winter blankets and Fly sheets

Winter Blankets

We offer winter turn out blankets in a variety of sizes anywhere from 62 to 81,. We have attached a picture and short description on how to measure your horse for a blanket to make sure you get the correct size. Our blankets are made with 1200 Denier water proof material with 250 Gram Polly filling. We also offer neck covers, light weight blankets and coolers.  Please feel free to call to check the sizes we have in stock. 

To measure a horse for a blanket or a fly sheet you need to take a soft tape measure and measure from the center of the chest (A) to the center of the tail (B). What this number will tell you is the size you need in inches. Please feel free to call if you have any questions. 

Fly sheets

Just like our winter blankets our fly sheets are offered in a variety of sizes from 61 to 81. They come in a light breathable material that will keep the flies away and also keep your horse cool. We also keep on hand Shoofly boots, fly masks and fly spray. 

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