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Wound Care 

We have a variety of products for every unfortunate event that your animal has. Feel free to come in and talk to us about the issue and what product would work best to get your animal healthy again. Below is a list of products that we have on hand.


  • Deep Freeze Gel

  • Absorbine Liniment 

  • Draw-It-Out 

  • Begeloil

Wound Dressing

  • Gall Salve

  • Bag Balm  

  • Tri-Care Triple Antibiotic cream 

  • Corona Cream 

  • Fura-Zone 

  • Spurs Big Fix

  • Vetericyn  

  • Cut Heal 

  • Silver Honey 

  • Underwood Horse Medicine

  • DMSO

Wound Wrapping Products 

  • Vet Wrap 

  • Tefla Pads 

  • Gauze 

  • Athletic tape 

  • Leg Quilts 

  • Latex Gloves 

Antiseptic Wound Dressing 

  • Screw Worm Aerosol

  • Scarlet Oil 

  • Red-Kote

  • Blue-Kote

  • Gentle Iodine 

  • Chlorhexidine Solution 

  • Safe Wash Saline 

Miscellaneous Products 

  • Dynamint Mint Udder Cream

  • Ear Mite Killer 

  • Iodine Shampoo

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