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Calving supplies 

With calving just around the corner we are stocked up on all the necessities that you will need including milk replacer, colostrum, calf tags and much more.

Salt and Mineral

  • Wind and Rain Mineral 

  • White Salt Blocks 

  • White Salt Bags 

  • EDDI Salt Block 

  • EDDI Salt Bag 

OB gloves and Straps 

  • Weaver OB Nylon 60" OB strap

  • 30" OB Chain 

  • 60" OB Chain 

  • OB Handle 

  • Vet One OB Sleeve 

Colostrum and Electrolytes 

  • Colostrx 

  • Just Like Mom 

  • Calves Choice Total 

  • Sx Calf 

  • Thera-calf 

  • Kick Start 

  • Nursemate 

  • Re-Sorb

Milk Replacer 

  • Purina Milk Replacer 25# bag 

  • Purina Milk Replacer 50# bag 


  • Z Tag Calf 

  • Z tag Calf Long Neck 

  • Z Tag Cow 

  • Y Tex Tag Calf One Piece 

  • Y Tex Tag calf Lonestar

  • Y Tex Tag Calf 3 Star

  • Y Tex Tag Cow 

Fluid Feeders and Bottles 

  • Springer Magrath fluid feeder 

  • Snap on teat nursing bottle 

  • Screw on teat nursing bottle

  • Peach teat nursing bottle

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