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Livestock Equipment and Lumbar 

We can order livestock equipment and water tanks from a variety of different companies including Behlen, Vern's, Cow Country, Powder River, Hi-Hog, Stur-D, Richie waters, Bul-Tuf water tanks, Hutchison Western, Prefirt, and Sioux Steel. What we have on this page is what we carry on hand but we are able to order an array of products from the above companies.

On hand we offer Cow Country and Powder River Panels in a variety of heights and lengths. 


On hand we offer Vern and Stur-D feed bunks in a variety of sizes. 

Feed bunks.jpg

We carry horse trailers and flat beds in a variety of lengths and styles.

horse trailers.jpg

We carry windbreak boards, fence planks, and post of varying sizes.


We carry a variety of hay feeders for both cattle and horses.

We offer large fiberglass water tanks in a variety of sizes along with the Ritchie livestock water fountains  and parts to fix Ritchie waterers 

Water tanks.jpg
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